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Affordable, Professional, and Fully Managed Websites with No Upfront Costs

How It Works: Easy, Flexible Website Ownership

Empower Your Online Presence Without the Upfront Cost

With our unique “Lease to Own” website service, stepping into the digital world or upgrading your online presence has never been easier or more affordable. Say goodbye to hefty upfront payments. Choose from two tailored options designed to fit your needs and budget, and spread the cost over 24 manageable monthly payments. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of upgrading to a brand new website design every 24 months, ensuring your online presence remains fresh and competitive.

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Key Features: Designed for Success

Your Path to a Powerful Online Presence

Our websites aren’t just about stunning design; they’re built with your business goals in mind. From seamless WordPress imports to dynamic, conversion-focused layouts, every aspect of your website is crafted to ensure your online success. Here’s what makes our service stand out:

WordPress to WordPress Import

Transitioning to your new site is hassle-free. We make it easy to import your existing WordPress content, ensuring a smooth transition without losing any valuable data.

New Website Every 24 Months

Stay ahead of the curve. Our unique lease to own model includes an option to refresh your website design every 24 months, keeping your online presence modern and engaging.

Conversion Focused Design

Our designs are tailored to convert your visitors into customers. With strategic layouts and call-to-action placements, we maximize the potential of your website to drive your business forward.

30 Minutes of Free Edits per Month

Need updates? We've got you covered. Each month, you're entitled to 30 minutes of free website edits, allowing you to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

SEO Essentials: Core Titles/Metas and Internal Linking

We lay the groundwork for your SEO success. From optimizing title tags and meta descriptions to strategic internal linking, we ensure your website is set up for search engine visibility.

Additional Inclusions:

  • 4 Hours of Complimentary Edits: Beyond the monthly edits, you get 4 hours of complimentary edits across three rounds of revisions.
  • Custom Forms: Engage your visitors with custom forms, from contact inquiries to service quotes.
  • Conversion Tracking Setup: Understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with conversion tracking.
  • Site Speed Optimization: We ensure your site loads quickly for all users, enhancing the user experience and SEO.
  • Up to 25 Pages: Start with up to 25 pages of content, with options to add more as your business grows.

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Hosting: Secure, Fast, and Reliable

Every Website Deserves a Solid Foundation

30 Days of Off-Site Backups

Your data's safety is our top priority. With 30 days of off-site backups, we ensure that your website can be quickly restored, no matter what happens.

Real-Time Uptime Monitoring

We watch over your site 24/7 with real-time uptime monitoring, so any issues are identified and resolved with minimal downtime.

Core, Theme, & Plugins Updates

Stay up to date without lifting a finger. We manage all your core, theme, and plugin updates, ensuring your website is secure, functional, and performing at its best.

Daily Security Scans for Malware

Protect your online presence from threats with daily security scans. Our proactive approach to malware detection and removal keeps your website safe.

Free SSL Certificate

Build trust with your visitors. Every website we host comes with a free SSL certificate, securing your site's connection and protecting your users' data.

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Special Offer: 0% Financing on Your Lease

Make the Most Out of Your Investment With No Hidden Costs

To ensure our services are accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, we’re proud to offer 0% financing on our lease to own website packages. This means you can spread the cost of your new website over 24 months with absolutely no interest, making it easier than ever to manage your cash flow and invest in your online presence.

Benefits Include:

  • No Interest: Enjoy the full benefits of our website services without the burden of additional financing costs.
  • Transparent Pricing: With no hidden fees or interest charges, the price you see is the price you pay, spread out in manageable monthly payments.
  • Invest in Growth: Allocate your resources where they matter most. With our flexible payment options, you can keep your business moving forward without compromising on quality.

Choose Your Plan: Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

Empower Your Business with Flexible Website Solutions

Select the plan that best fits your business needs. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to expand your digital footprint, our straightforward, no-surprise pricing ensures you get the value and flexibility you deserve. Here’s a quick overview of our lease to own plans:

Starter Package

Perfect for new businesses and startups looking for a clean, new website.
$ 149
  • For up to 5 Pages
  • Price: $3,600 (Spread out over 24 months)
  • Features Included:
  • WordPress to WordPress Import
  • Conversion Focused Design
  • 30 Minutes of Free Edits per Month
  • SEO Essentials: Core Titles/Metas, Internal Linking
  • Get a brand-new website design every 24 months.
  • Full suite of hosting features for security and performance.

Professional Package

Ideal for businesses looking to scale and enhance their online presence.
$ 299
  • For 10 Pages or More
  • Price: $7,200 (Spread out over 24 months)
  • Features Included:
  • All Starter Package features
  • Up to 25 Pages with options for additional pages
  • Enhanced content development and SEO services
  • 4 hours of complimentary edits across three rounds of revisions
  • Custom forms and conversion tracking setup
  • Comprehensive support and advanced features for maximum impact.
  • Includes all hosting benefits for optimum site performance and security.

Lead Generation Package

Great for businesses looking to grow and scale their operations.
$ 499
  • All Professional Package features
  • Marketing Automation Package
  • Business Reviews Generation and Management (Monthly)
  • Chabot Live Chat
  • Email Marketing Platform
  • Text Messaging Platform
  • Social Media Manangement Platform
  • And Much more...

Here's the Latest Starter Package Website Design

“Our business needed a robust online platform that could grow with us. The flexibility and comprehensive features of the lease to own package, including the 30 minutes of free edits and ongoing SEO support, have made all the difference. The team’s attention to detail and proactive approach to site maintenance mean we can focus on growing our business, knowing our online presence is in good hands.”

Here's the Latest Professional Package Website Design

“Switching to the lease to own model for our website was a game-changer. The process was seamless, and the team’s dedication to our success was evident from day one. With the new design and improved site speed, we saw a 20% increase in online sales within the first three months. Plus, knowing we can refresh our site design every 24 months is incredibly valuable for keeping our online presence fresh.”

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